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About Us

Reversomatic was established in 1965, and began manufacturing residential, commercial and industrial exhaust fans and systems in 1972. We are Canada’s leader in the high-rise condominium market, and we also have the most extensive product line of fans.

We manufacture a variety of kitchen range hoods both standard sized and customized, and washroom fans for single and double bathrooms. We also manufacture a variety of dryer booster fans, in-line fans, general exhaust and intake fans and blowers, through-the-wall fans, garage fans, pressurization fans, tubeaxial fans, high-pressure blowers, and up-blast fans, etc. We have a complete line of accessories, all types of wallboxes, lint traps, and balance boxes. In addition, we have all types of exhaust and intake hoods.

We have an in-house air, rain & cold chambers where we conduct our own performance tests for various Fans/Hoods/HRV’s/ERV’s ….etc.

We also have test facility for wallboxes to conduct water penetration and wind driven rain test to meet ASTM E547-00.

We also manufacture a full line of Heat & Energy recovery ventilators (HRV & ERV) from 30 to 400 cfm. Reversomatic is the only one in North American market that offers HRV/ERV with patented true automatic electronic air-balancing and constant flow technology where no field balancing whatsoever is required.

Reversomatic is the only North American Company that offers UL/ULC approved Fan/Fire damper assembly (3 Hrs. Rating).

Reversomatic is a member of HVI and AMCA as well as Energy Star partner. Products are HVI/AMCA/Energy Star & CSA/UL approved.

Our main manufacturing and distribution Plant operation is located in Woodbridge & Brampton , Ontario, Canada. We operate two other Plants in the GTA from where we obtain parts for our product line. Our U.S.A. Sales Office and distribution centre is located in Sarasota, Florida.

We manufacture all our products and accessories with state-of-the art CNC machineries and equipments which allows us to respond to customer’s requirements in a very short time. We can manufacture custom-made products and parts to the specifications. Our product is sold through HVAC distributors in North America.

1.Patented Wood Burning Air Tite Stove

  • EPA approved – 2.6 grams /hr emissions
  • Extra large 162 Sq. inch viewing area
  • Hi temperature Neo-Ceram glass
  • Low clearance to combustibles with built in shielding
  • Fully welded heavy gauge steel combustion chamber
  • Heated Air Wash system keeps glass clean
  • Removable stainless steel secondary combustion chambers and tubes for cleaning, servicing, or inspection
  • Single draft control for both primary and secondary combustion air
  • Optional variable speed circulation blower
  • Doors available in Black, Gold plated or Satin Nickel
  • Residential and mobile Home approved

2.Patented Canada and U.S. HRV- ERV true automatic electronic air-balancing and constant flow technology where no field balancing whatsoever is required.



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In-house air chamber

Test facility

HRV/ERV Testing Facility (Cold Chamber)

Testing Facility (Air Chamber)