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Energy Star Kitchen Range Hood with Fresh Air Intake

Range hood Deluxe 4000-250ES2 is a powerful and high performance range hood. This Energy Star range hood is equipped with centrifugal blower wheel capable of exhausting smoke and odour thus maintaining indoor air quality and indoor environmental quality. Range hood Deluxe 4000-250ES2 captures air-borne oil and grease and traps these unwanted contaminants in the extra large washable aluminium mesh. The infinite speed control helps to maintain the noise level and the exhaust capacity as per requirement. Also it has powerful but quite motors. Sizes available are : 30″ and 36″ baked in enamel in your choice of colours. Model 4000-2500ES2 is “Energy Star” listed and available with Fresh Air Intake for ventilation providing good indoor air quality thus good health.


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