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Residential Fans

#1 Bathroom Fan Manufacturers in the USA and Canada

Reversomatic is one of the leading kitchen and bathroom fan manufacturers in Canada, see our wide selections of Bathroom Fans for Low Rise and High Rise Condominiums, Fans with Fire Radiation Dampers, Fans with Light Combination, Dryer Booster Fans, Combination Fan / Lint Traps, Automatic Dryer Booster Fans, Combination In-line Fans, Fans suitable for Kitchen, Fans Suitable for Shower Stall, In-line Centrifugal Exhaust fan, Transfer Fans and Booster Fans, also manufacture custom design fans.

Reversomatic bathroom fan manufacturer designed fans for low and high rise condominium and residential units that require exceptionally low noise levels. This fan is manufactured with a squirrel cage impeller for high performance. The slim housing design allows for easy installation in those tight ceilings and wall spaces. Its construction consists of heavy gauge rust resistant galvanized satin coat finish and is equipped with a plastic impeller for quiet performance.

The ceiling Fire fighter Radiation Damper is the simple solution for fire rated ceilings that require a maximum of 3 hours fire resistance. Reversomatic bathroom fan manufacturer also has a Fan-light combination with a built in fire fighter ceiling damper or FFL-FF series, these fans have a heavy gauge non corrosive satin coat construction housing as well as a simplified mounting system.

Dryer Booster Fans PWS’s and TLD’s are especially designed to exhaust a combination of washrooms and dryer rooms. It has been manufactured with a special lint-free impeller that can be combined with lint traps or with pressure sensor.

The Kitchen fan or K series is specially designed to provide powerful and effective ventilation in the kitchen. However, it can also be used for bathroom exhaust by eliminating the aluminum mesh washable grease filter, constructed of corrosion resistant heavy gauge satin coat steel.

In-line Centrifugal Exhaust fan or RI-series engineered to provide effective and reliable operation making it perfect for general purpose inline ventilation. Low profile construction for ease of installation in confined spaces and built with a well balanced air over motor impeller assembly, and a backward inclined wheel for smooth quiet operation makes this one of the best fans ever built by bathroom fan manufacturers.

Transfer fan is designed to transfer air from one room to another. It is ideal for transferring hot air in the winter and cool air in the summer or even stale humid air in unventilated locations without sufficient air circulations.