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4000-250ES2 c/w Fresh Air Intake





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Our powerful, high performance range hood with contrifugal blower wheel is capable of exhausting smoke and odour under most duct design conditions.

MotorCFM @ SPSone at grille

1Outlet / Inlet Transition c/w Damper010275$35.96 ADD TO CART
2Housing c/w Fresh Air Intake 30”4311$146.07 ADD TO CART
Housing c/w Fresh Air Intake 36”4312$168.54 ADD TO CART
3Light On/Off Switch014010$7.87 ADD TO CART
4Fan Motor Speed Control014003$36.88 ADD TO CART
5Electric Cover011141$2.37 ADD TO CART
6Right Panel010350$15.73 ADD TO CART
7Left Panel010351$15.73 ADD TO CART
8Blower wheels - Right Side CW013212$19.75 ADD TO CART
9Blower wheels - Right Side CCW013211$21.13 ADD TO CART
10Motors w/ Capacitor - Right Side CW013035$134.83 ADD TO CART
11Motors w/ Capacitor - Left Side CCW013060$134.83 ADD TO CART
12Motor bracket c/w Finger Guard010237$26.97 ADD TO CART
13Grease Filter & Light Lens Combination4054$31.46 ADD TO CART
14Fluorescent Ballast for 4 pin Fluorescent Bulb016133$29.21 ADD TO CART
15Light Bracket010241$6.74 ADD TO CART
164 Pin Bulb Socket016134$8.99 ADD TO CART
17Receptacle014001$2.37 ADD TO CART
18Outlet / Inlet Wallbox c/w Damper4055$35.96 ADD TO CART
19Grille for WallboxGrille for Wallbox4056$17.98 ADD TO CART