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CU-500, CU-700



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These control units are installed in custom hoods when exterior roof or wall fans are used. They feature Solid state speed control plus light control for two 12V / 20W, G4 base halogen lights mounted on the steel housing.

1Decorative Mounting Trim CU-500 Steel (Painted White / Black)011097$83.32 ADD TO CART
Decorative Mounting Trim CU-500 (Stainless Steel)011098$140.23 ADD TO CART
Decorative Mounting Trim CU-700 Steel (Painted White / Black)011099$161.26 ADD TO CART
Decorative Mounting Trim CU-700 (Stainless Steel)011100$210.34 ADD TO CART
2Knurled Nut014016$2.04 ADD TO CART
3Housing Steel CU-500011002$67.42 ADD TO CART
Housing Steel CU-700011003$89.89 ADD TO CART
4Halogen Light Fixture014030$26.97 ADD TO CART
5Halogen Bulb 12V/20W014031$4.26 ADD TO CART
6Electrical Cover - Steel CU-500011022$8.99 ADD TO CART
Electrical Cover - Steel CU-700011023$11.24 ADD TO CART
7Halogen Lamp Electronic Transformer014032$33.71 ADD TO CART
8Speed Control Knob014015$2.69 ADD TO CART
9Fan Motor Speed Controller014003$36.88 ADD TO CART
10Light ON/OFF Switch014010$7.87 ADD TO CART
11Aluminum Mesh Grease Filter CU-500011029$39.73 ADD TO CART
Aluminum Mesh Grease Filter CU-700011031$39.73 ADD TO CART