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Product Description

The RI fans have the following features:

  • Engineered to provide effective and reliable operation making it perfect for general purpose inline ventilation.
  • Low profile construction for ease of installation in confined spaces.
  • Built with a well balanced air over motor impeller assembly, and a backward inclined wheel for smooth quiet operation.

1Top Housing RI-500014802$38.88 ADD TO CART
Top Housing RI-700014804$38.88 ADD TO CART
Top Housing RI-900014809$56.40 ADD TO CART
2Motor Bracket010211$26.97 ADD TO CART
3Motor / Wheel RI-500013033$284.27 ADD TO CART
Motor / Wheel RI-700013032$314.61 ADD TO CART
Motor / Wheel RI-900013034$460.68 ADD TO CART
4Bottom Housing RI-500014803$40.23 ADD TO CART
Bottom Housing RI-700014805$40.23 ADD TO CART
Bottom Housing RI-800014810$57.98 ADD TO CART
5Electrical Cover010217$7.87 ADD TO CART
6Connector and Capacitor014050$53.35 ADD TO CART